Contoocook Cider Company tasting room will be open weekends from 11am - 4pm year round.  COME TO OUR JANUARY THAW PARTY - January 18th, 1pm - 4pm.


Try our new Winter Spice cider - just released and already a favorite!


Cider is also available at the following locations:

Bedford:         Whole Foods                        River Road Tavern

Concord:        The Concord Food Co-op    Riverhill Market             Buffalo Wild Wings

Contoocook:  Colonial Village                     The Everyday Cafe 
Henniker:       New Harvester Market          Daniel's Restaurant
Hopkinton:     Lakehouse Tavern                The Cracker Barrel

Manchester:  The Foundry                         The Farm Bar & Grille       Buffalo Wild Wings

Meredith:       Moulton Farm

Warner:          Warner Public Market


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About Contoocook Cider

We use many of our 120 plus varieties of apples grown by Gould Hill Farm to make our ciders.  Using the freshest apples means the flavors are at their peak when they are pressed and fermented, allowing for the apples to dominate the flavor.  Ours ciders are minimally processed and bring balance to the acids, sugars and tannins to express the true character of the apples and fruits.


Current Cider Varieties


Dry varieties

Russet Gem - Available in 750ml
This bottle conditioned cider is made from a blend of heirlooms including Ashmead Kernel, Golden Russet, & Hudson Golden Gem.  It’s dryness allow  you to experience the character of these apples.  9% alc/vol  Served Chilled, 46-50º F  $14.99


Blueberry - Available in 750ml bottles

Wild Maine Blueberries and McIntosh apples are fermented together to create this cider with a deep rose color and berry flavors. Semi dry, slightly sparkling with a refreshing tannic finish. 6.9% alc/vol Served Chilled, 46-50º F $13.99


Semi - Sweet varieties

Winter Spice - Availabe in Growlers

Our hard apple cider blend seasoned with mulling spices to give it a true seasonal flavor.  6.5% alc/vol  Served Chilled, 46-50F


*Cranberry - Available in 12 oz cans & Growlers

Apple and Cranberry cider is made from a our late season harvest and fermented with fresh New England cranberries which brings together the best of both for a unique New England experience. 6.9% alc/vol Served Chilled, 46-50º F 4pack of cans $12.99 or available in Growlers & Growers


Ginger - Cider with a Snap

This blend of apples has been fermented with ginger to bring out a true ginger flavor that is semisweet in flavor with a light carbonation.  6.5% alc/vol  Served Chilled, 46-50F available in Growlers & Growers.

**Johnny Be Good - Available in Growlers

Single varietal cider is made from the American heirloom Jonathan apple. This cider is semi sweet, with hints of pear and pineapple. 6.9% alc/vol Served Chilled, 46-50º F  Available in Growlers & Growers


Sweet varieties

*Contoocook Blend - Available in 12 oz cans & Growlers

Contoocook Blend Cider is made from our late season harvest including many heirloom varieties such as Golden Russet, Yellow Newtown Pippins, and Chestnut Crabs. Its name, Contoocook is in honor of the Native American Pennacook Tribe who lived in the Merrimack River Valley and it means “place of the river near pines”. This sparkling hard cider has a rich caramel sweetness and golden color. 6.9% alc/vol Served Chilled, 46-50º F 750ml bottle $10.99, 4pack of cans $12.99 or available in Growlers & Growers


Fireside Maple - sold out, but will return on March 21st 2020 for Maple Weekend!
Fireside apple blend of hard cider mixed with Gould Hill Farm maple syrup and sweet cider reduction to create a smooth, full bodied cider with a unique balance of apple and maple flavors. Unfiltered.  6.9% alc/vol  Served Chilled, 46-50º F  Available in Growlers & Growers


* - Double gold winner - Seattle Cider Awards

** - Bronze medal winner - US Open Cider Championship

** - Top ten most creative name - US Open Cider Championship

Gould Hill Farm, 656 Gould Hill Road, Contoocook, NH   03229