We teamed up with Dale and Betsy Jancic (Terra Cider) to create Contoocook Cider Company. Dale, the cider maker, attended Cornell University’s Cider & Perry Production course to lean more of the science of cider making and tasting. Dale and Betsy have met with cider makers from England, France, Spain and the United States to expand our knowledge and palate of their knowledge of hard ciders.


Ours ciders are minimally processed and bring balance to the acids, sugars and tannins to express the true character of the apples and fruits we use. Enjoy!


Tasting Room will be closed until late August while the new tasting room is being built. Cider is being sold in bottles at Colonial Village and on draft at The Everyday Cafe. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date information.


Current Cider Varieties


Contoocook Blend

Contoocook Blend Cider is made from our late season harvest including many heirloom varieties such as Golden Russet, Yellow Newtown Pippins, and Chestnut Crabs. Its name, Contoocook is in honor of the Native American Pennacook Tribe who lived in the Merrimack River Valley and it means “place of the river near pines”. This sparkling hard cider has a rich caramel sweetness and golden color.  6.9% alc/vol    Served Chilled


Roxbury Russet

This single varietal cider is made from the Roxbury Russet, the oldest American apple. It began its life in the 1600s in Roxbury which was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It spread across  New England and New York by the 1700s. Roxbury is a bottle conditioned sparkling cider. It has a spicy-tart dryness to allow  you to experience this old apple’s subtle character and aromas.  9% alc/vol  Served Chilled



Apple and Cranberry cider is made from a our late season harvest and fermented with fresh New England cranberries. Not apple and not cranberry, this hard cider brings together the best of both for a unique New England experience. Drink this sparking hard cider young to enjoy its full character. 6.9% alc/vol  Served Chilled


Hampshire Honey

Hampshire and Honey cider is crafted from a single varietal  Hampshire apple that was discovered in 1978 at Gould Hill Farm. This hard cider is bottle conditioned with fall wild flower honey from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is low in acid with good aromatics and carbonated. 6.9% alc/vol Served Chilled


Gould Hill Farm, 656 Gould Hill Road, Contoocook, NH   03229

603-746-3811 Info@gouldhillfarm.com