An early season apple that’s juicy, with a light and crisp texture. Sprightly, sweet/tart taste with a hint of brown sugar.

Ginger Gold

This late summer apple has a crisp flesh with a mild, sweet taste. It is slightly more tart than its relative, the Golden Delicious.

Northern Spy

Originated in a seedling orchard in East Bloomfield, NY. (Voted the Leadbeater family favorite all purpose apple.)


Cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Introduced in 1968 by New York’s Geneva Experiment Station. Striped red over bright yellow, rich, full flavor.

Golden Delicious

Produced as a chance seedling found by A.H. Mullins of Clay County, WV in 1890. Parentage is thought to be from a Grimes Golden and Golden Reinette. Extremely popular in French cuisine. Yellow skin, mildly sweet.