Honeycrisp apples have a sweet, subtly tangy flavor well suited for fresh and cooked preparations. These apples are great for eating.

Wolf River

Originated in Wisconsin and best known for it’s size. One apple makes a pie! Slightly aromatic, yellowish-green skin mottled with red.


Known as “Fameuse” and thought to be the parent of the McIntosh. It is speculated that the origin is French or Canadian. Beautiful in appearance with tender white flesh.

Rhode Island Greening

One of the few antique varieties grown commercially today. It is said that the first seedling was found in 1700 outside a tavern at Green’s End new Newport, RI. A green apple with find grained flesh.


Also known as “Jewett Red,” originated in Hollis, NH. Sweet aromatic dessert fruit with yellowish flesh and nut-like flavor.