Ribston Pippin

Believed raised around 1707 from seeds brought from Rouen, France to Ribston Hall near Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England. Parent of the Cox’s Orange Pippin. The most highly esteemed Victorian dessert apple. Acidic, intense, rich, aromatic flavor.

Red Delicious

Discovered by Hesse Hiatt in1872 growing in his orchard in Iowa, and originally named Hawkeye. Currently there are over 100 strains and over 30 varieties developed using Red Delicious as one of the parents! Mild, juicy, conical shape.


Developed to be highly resistant to major apple diseases. Crisp, juicy, sprightly.

Hubbardston Nonesuch

Dates back to the early 1800s originating in Hubbardston, MA. Moderately firm, juicy, and aromatic. Does not keep well.


A foundling of Gould Hill Orchards. Great for eating and cooking. Hard, crisp, and juicy. Keeps well.