Honeycrisp apples have a sweet, subtly tangy flavor well suited for fresh and cooked preparations. These apples are great for eating.

Swiss Gourmet

Cross between Golden Delicious and Ida Red, originating in Switzerland. One of the three most popular new varieties in Europe.


Grown exclusively in Gould Hill Orchards, and named after the mountain most prominent in our view! Pleasant flavor for eating.


Cross between Jonathan and McIntosh, raised in 1944 and introduced in 1972 by the New York Agricultural Experiment Station. Pale white flesh, firm and crisp.


Cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Pippin. Developed in New Zealand in the 1920s by J.H. Kidd of Greytown, Wairarapa Valley. Strikingly attractive with bright yellow skin and red-orange color.